Environmental Management Systems Internal Auditing (24-hours)

Course Description

This course provides quality and environmental professionals with the basic knowledge and skills needed to audit an EMS against the ISO 14001 Standard.  The auditing methods used in the course are based on ISO 14010, 14011, and 14012.  Participants practice auditing skills using case study or by conducting a real audit.

Course Highlights

  1. Learn how to prepare for an EMS audit

  2. Develop the skills necessary to conduct effective EMS audits

  3. Learn how to report effectively on EMS audit results

  4. Understand the basic framework of US EPA regulations on voluntary initiatives and how these relate to ISO 14000

  5. Understand the differences between environmental management system auditing and regulatory compliance auditing

  6. Enhance your knowledge of the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard

  7. Understand the role of corrective action in internal audits

Who Should Attend

Those who will be responsible for establishing and/or conducting internal EMS audits for their organization, including: Environmental Coordinators/EMS Management Representatives; Environmental and Quality Professionals; Engineers and Scientists; and any personnel who will be acting as internal auditors.

Federal Service

A version of this course has been designed specifically for the US Military.  EMS Internal Auditing at Defense Installations (24-hours) will cover the same basic highlights and learning objectives as the private-sector version, however specific attention will be made to the existing management systems employed by the DoD, as well as current DoD policy on the standard and its implementation.